How to Make a No Sew Cape With a Hood

    by Miranda Brumbaugh

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    No-sew craft projects are a dream for crafters who are not inclined to sewing or are short on time. Design a cape with a hood to wear as part of a costume for Halloween or a theatrical performance. Or, fashion a hooded cape for your young superhero to add to her dress-up clothing collection. While fleece is ideal for this project since you do not have to hem the seams, consider using other fabrics, such as cotton or linen, that are pre-hemmed for a breezier cape.

    Things You'll Need

    • 3 to 4 yards fleece fabric
    • Scissors
    • Hot glue gun
    • Chalk
    • Straight pins
    • 1-by-3-inch hook and loop fastener
    • Separate scarf

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    Cut a 12-by-18-inch rectangle of fleece fabric. Fold the rectangle in half so it becomes 9-by-12 inches. Apply hot glue along the inside edge of one of the 9-inch-long sides. Press the layers of fleece together until the glue dries. Set the hood to the cape aside.

    Measure the length of the person who will be wearing the cape from the top of the shoulder to mid-calf. Mark the measurement along the length of 2 to 3 yards of fabric. Cut across the fabric at the desired length.

    Spread out the fleece fabric on a flat work surface.

    Identify the top edge of the fleece for the cape. Find the center point of the top. Measure 6 inches from each side of the center point and mark the fabric with chalk. Draw a line from the bottom-left corner of the fabric up to the mark on the left side of the center point; repeat with a line on the right side from the corner to the measurement. Cut the fleece on each line; discard the side pieces.

    Place the hood on the top of the cape so the front opening is facing up. Overlap the bottom edge of the hood to the top side of the cape by 1 inch so the cape is on the inside of the hood. Pin the two pieces together using straight pins to hold the hood in place temporarily. Try the cape on to ensure a proper fit.

    Remove the pins and place a length of hook-and-loop fastener along the bottom edge of the hood and the top edge of the cape at the same point you pinned the hood temporarily.

    Wear the cape and hood with a separate scarf tied around the neck to secure the cape in place. Choose a scarf that matches the cape or a contrast color -- your choice.

    • If you are making a superhero cape, add a logo to the back using different colors of fleece fabric.

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