How to Make Scarf Tassels

    by Katie Leigh

    About the Author

    Katie Leigh is a freelance writer and editor based in Chicago. A Loyola University New Orleans graduate with a bachelor's degree in communications, Leigh has worked as a copy editor, page designer and reporter for several daily newspapers and specialty publications since 2005.


    Adding some yarn tassels is a quick way to dress up a hand-knitted scarf. Making the tassels takes minutes and attaching them is a breeze. Tassels can be made either with the same color yarn as the scarf, a contrasting color or a mix of different yarns. Use your imagination.

    Things You'll Need

    • Stiff poster board
    • Ruler
    • Scissors
    • Yarn
    • Tapestry needle

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    Lay a piece of poster board flat on a table. Using a ruler, measure out two rectangles that are about 4 inches in width. Cut out the rectangles and lay them on top of each other, lining up the edges.

    Trap the tail of the yarn between the two poster board rectangles. Wrap the yarn width-wise around the rectangles until the tassel reaches the desired fullness.

    Cut a 6-inch piece of yarn and slip it between the two poster board rectangles. Pull it tightly up against the top edge of the tassel and tie a square knot in the center. Leave the yarn's tails intact; these will be used to attach the tassel to the scarf.

    Slip the scissors between the two rectangles and cut through the loops of yarn at the bottom of the tassel (the end opposite the knotted yarn). Slip the rectangles out from between the yarn strands.

    Cut another 6-inch piece of yarn and wrap it around the top of the tassel, about an inch below the knotted yarn. Tie off the ends and either clip them off or feed them through the wrap and cut them to match the length of the tassel.

    Feed the tails from the knotted piece of yarn through the loop of a stitch on the edge of the scarf. Knot the tails, then use a tapestry needle to weave them into the scarf. Repeat the process until scarf is finished.

    • To make the tassels longer or shorter, vary the width of the cardboard rectangles.