How to Make a Scarf on a Round Loom

    by Deb Powers

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    You never have to pick up a pair of knitting needles to show off a warm, colorful knit scarf that you made yourself. While an experienced spool knitter can complete a scarf on a round loom in a few hours, a few evenings is more like it for a novice. With a few ounces of cozy yarn in your favorite color, it only takes a short time to get the hang of a round knitting loom. Once you feel comfortable, you're well on your way to creating a warm, double-layered scarf for yourself or as a gift.

    Things You'll Need

    • 4 ounces worsted-weight yarn
    • 31-peg round knitting loom
    • Crochet hook or knitter's pick
    • Yarn needle

    Make a slip knot about 3 inches from the end of the yarn. Slip the knot over the first peg of the knitting loom and tighten slightly.

    Wrap the yarn loosely around the peg to the left of the first peg, bringing the yarn around the peg from back to front, counterclockwise.

    Continue to work clockwise around the loom, wrapping the yarn around each peg counterclockwise. When you reach the first peg, loosely tie the yarn off to the anchor peg. This is a temporary tie-off to hold the yarn while you work around the knitting loom and push each loop down about halfway on its peg.

    Pick up the yarn from the anchor peg again and complete two more rounds as above, working around the knitting loom clockwise and wrapping each peg from back to front. Tie off the yarn to the anchor peg again.

    Slip the crochet hook or knitting peg under the bottom loop on the first peg. Lift the loop up and over the top of the peg, leaving the two remaining loops on the peg. Continue around the loom until you reach the first peg. Each peg now has two loops on it.

    Pick up the yarn from the anchor peg and wrap it around each peg, working as above so that there are three loops on each peg.

    Repeat steps 5 and 6, pulling the knitted fabric through the center of the loom as it forms until the knitted tube is the desired length of the scarf.

    Cut the yarn about 12 inches from last loop made. Thread the end of the yarn through a yarn needle. Slip the needle through both loops on the hook and cast the loops off the peg. Continue around the loom until all stitches are cast off.

    Lightly steam press the tube of knit fabric to flatten it and set the seams. Sew both ends of the tube closed. Add a fringe to finish the scarf if desired.

    • Use yarn with a little stretch to it for best results.
    • When changing colors, make sure that both yarn ends are left on the inside of the tube for easier finishing.
    • A standard adult scarf that can wrap around the neck once, is about 70 inches long.

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