How to Make Sand Art Bottles

    by J.C. Lewis

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    Sand art bottles are popular as beach souvenirs and as interesting ornaments. Purchasing sand art bottles, however, can be quite expensive, and it's not as enjoyable as making your own. Even small children can make the art bottles, and it allows you to completely customize the colors and design. Use any kind of transparent bottle you like—glass or plastic, large or small, bought or recycled.

    Things You'll Need

    • Transparent bottle
    • Cap or cork
    • Heavy paper or funnel
    • Stapler or tape (optional)
    • Colored sand
    • Teaspoon
    • Hot glue gun

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    Remove any labels from your bottle and wash it with soapy water. Rinse the bottle and allow it to dry completely.

    Create a funnel by rolling a sheet of heavy paper into a cone shape,holding it in place with a few staples or tape. Make sure the pointed end of your funnel fits into the neck of the bottle and that the opening at the bottom is no wider than 1/8 inch.

    Hold the paper funnel inside the neck of the bottle with one hand, and use a teaspoon to add the first color of sand a little at a time. Gently jiggle the funnel if the sand gets clogged in it. Start with less sand and add more a teaspoon at a time, if you wish.

    Examine the first layer and decide whether you want the colored-sand stripes to be flat and horizontal or diagonal. If you want diagonal strips, hold the bottle at an angle and tap it so that all the sand rests in one corner. Hold the bottle at this angle and add the second layer of sand, directing the point of the funnel into the empty corner.

    Continue adding layers of sand in different colors, taking care not to move the bottle around too much or too quickly, as this will cause the colors to mix together and destroy the layered look. Use the point of the funnel to direct each layer of sand into position. Stop when the bottle is full of layers of colored sand.

    Apply hot glue to the inside of the bottle neck and insert a cork, or apply glue around the outside of the neck and screw on its cap. Do not shake the bottle or the layers will be destroyed, and you will have a bottle of mixed multicolored sand.

    • Instead of purchasing colored sand, make your own by mixing sand with powdered paint and a little water, then drying it out in a thin layer. You could also substitute colored sand with similar products such as sugar, salt, instant coffee granules and fruit drink powders.
    • With a little practice you can make your designs more detailed by using a pencil, toothpick or narrow knitting needle to push the sand into different positions as you add layers of color.

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