How to Make a Rope Hammock

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    There are all sorts of hammocks, but the most easily identifiable type is the rope hammock. By using rope instead of fabric, the end result becomes a hammock that allows air circulation and molding to the body when used, making it more comfortable. Idle away a summer day after making a rope hammock with these directions.

    Things You'll Need

    • 2 lbs. polyester hammock rope
    • 1 large netting shuttle
    • 1 gauge stick
    • 2 hardwood bars, 1 1/2-by-1 1/2 inches and 33-inches long
    • 2 rings, 2 to 3 inches diameter

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    Measure and cut 1 piece of 3-foot rope and tie the ends together into a square knot. Hang it on a doorknob for working.

    Take the netting shuttle and hold it pointed end up. Wind the cord several times around the shuttle and tie the free end to the loop that is on the doorknob.

    Use a gauge stick to wind the shuttle cord around, making a loop. Pass the shuttle through the loop and hold the cord tightly. Make a half hitch and repeat making loops until the gauge stick has 20 total loops.

    Extract the gauge stick from the loops and hold it directly beneath the loops. Turn the ropes so that the shuttle is on the left-hand side. Take the shuttle cord down the front of the gauge stick then bring it behind it and put it through the first loop. Go around the first loop with the shuttle cord and make a half hitch. Repeat this action until it is done on each loop.

    Put more rope around the shuttle when it runs out. Tie the free end in a square knot to the old one on the hammock. Turn the ropes so the shuttle is on the left, working left to right. Keep repeating Step 4, making rows of loops with the rope. As a general rule, the length will be about 7 feet when there are 54 rows.

    Cut the starting loop and remove it. Replace it with a dowel to give it stability and keep the rows even while working.

    Take 2 pieces of hardwood cut 33 inches in length and 1 1/2-by-1 1/2 inches. Drill 20 holes in each piece of wood, making sure they are no closer than 2 1/4 inches from each end and about 1 1/2 inches apart from each other.

    Gather 40 pieces of 50-inch long rope, having 20 pieces for each end. Take a 2-inch ring and loop the first cord through it. Run both ends of the cord through the first drilled hole in the hardwood. Tie an overhand knot and fasten each piece of rope from the woven hammock. Repeat with the other end of the hammock.

    Stretch out the mounted hammock and measure 6 pieces of rope to be 3 inches shorter than the hammock. This will allow for the hammock to stretch but still hold a person. Braid 3 pieces together, one for each side of the hammock. Place 1 end of the braid into the first hole in the hardwood. Tie in place using an overhand knot. Put the braid through the hammock and weave via an in-and-out fashion. Put the braid through the first hole on the opposite end and secure in the same manner as the first side. Hang between 2 trees and relax.