How to Make Ribbon Flip Flops

    by Hillary Marshall

    About the Author

    Hillary Marshall has been writing professionally since 2006. Before writing instructional articles online, she worked as a copywriter and has been published in "Ideal Living" "Sass" "Science Edge" and "Shopping Cents" magazines along with countless websites including Gadling a blog by the Huffington post. Marshall studied early childhood education at the Stratford Career Institute.


    Whether you're looking to dress up a boring pair of flip-flops for your next trip to the beach or searching for a creative craft for your child's next slumber party, you can use a little bit of ribbon to make a dramatic footwear transformation. Add as much or as little color as you like to suit your personality, or make sure your new shoes garner some attention with metallic or glitter ribbon instead.

    Things You'll Need

    • 6 yards of ribbon (divided evenly among three different colors or patterns)
    • Anti-fraying treatment
    • Thong flip-flops
    • Scissors

    Unravel the ribbon and cut each strand into 5-inch strands.

    Divide the cut ribbons into 2 separate piles. Divide the colors evenly among both piles.

    Apply an anti-fraying treatment to all of the cut ends.

    Take each individual 5-inch strand from one pile and tie them in a knot onto one flip-flop. Start at one end of the flip-flop and work your way to the other side. Alternate the ribbon colors as you tie them on the flip-flop strap. Repeat to attach the second pile of ribbon to the other flip-flop.

    Adjust the knots to ensure they are evenly distributed and tug on each knot to make sure it is tied securely to the flip-flop.


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