How to Make a Red Hooded Cape

    by Laura Leiva

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    If you need a red-hooded cape for a costume, making one is affordable and easy to do. One popular character that uses a red-hooded cape costume is Little Red Riding Hood. You can use any type of fabric you’d like to create the cape, from red cotton to a more luxurious red velvet. Once you have made your red cape, look through your wardrobe to piece together an inexpensive costume for a last-minute Halloween party.

    Things You'll Need

    • Red fabric--4 yards, 60-inches wide
    • Red ribbon
    • Fabric chalk
    • Fabric scissors
    • Sewing pins
    • Sewing machine

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    Lay out the fabric and begin to trace out pieces needed to create the hooded cape. There are a wide range of patterns available at your local fabric store or online (see Reference 1.) They all feature large semicircular pieces to cover the body and a hood.

    Trace two quarter-circles on the fabric with the fabric chalk, and leave the remaining fabric at the end for the hood. The center back of the cape should be placed on the fabric fold while the center front should be placed on the selvage.

    Cut out the body pieces. Sew the two front cape pieces to either side of the back piece. Try the piece on to check for length.

    Cut out the hood pieces from the remaining end of fabric. With right sides together, stitch the two hood pieces together. If you choose to line your hood, cut a second pair of hood pieces from a coordinating color of fabric. Sew the pieces right sides together just like the hood. Pin the hood and the lining right sides together and stitch around the face. Clip the seams and turn the hood right side out.

    Attach one end of the hood to the neck of the cape. Make sure that each end of the hood matches up with the end of the neck, and pin into place. Sew to attach the hood.

    Attach and sew four inches of ribbon to each side of the cape, around the neck. This will allow you to tie the cape closed to keep it from falling off.

    Hem the bottom of your cape. Stand with the cape on and ask someone to fold the bottom of the cape under at a comfortable length. Hand stitch the hem in place and press.

    • If you choose to use fleece for this project, you will not need to hem. Use caution when cutting off any excess length.
    • Make sure to hem the cape short enough to prevent tripping.

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