How to Make Race Cars for Kids

    by Contributing Writer

    Are you looking for a great craft for your kids? How about making little race cars? These are inexpensive, cute and made from recycled products! This is a very simple project that even a younger child could do and appreciate.

    Things You'll Need

    • Empty, cleaned out soda bottle with cap
    • Kabob sticks
    • Four additional soda bottle caps of the same size
    • Hardening clay
    • Paint
    • Sand
    • Sharpy marker
    • Sandpaper

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    How to Make Race Cars for and with Your Kids

    Clean out a 20 ounce soda bottle (can be a little smaller or larger) and peel off the label. Wash the outside of the bottle with soap and water and once the label is off, most of the residue will come off, leaving the bottle with a clean, smooth surface.

    Lay the bottle on its side and place four holes, two on each side and across from the ones on the opposite side, about four inches apart from each other and half an inch from the bottom of the side. This is definitely an adult job! Make sure the holes are large enough for the kabob stick to fit through, but snugly.

    Cut two kabob sticks so that they are long enough to go through one hole and out the hole on the other side, with 1-inch extending out from the bottle on each side.

    Fill your bottle caps with the hardening clay, pack it in tightly, and put one cap on the end of each kabob, which is still in the soda bottle. Make sure the bottle caps are even so that the soda bottle is level when resting on them. Let everything sit until the clay is completely dry and the bottle caps are held firmly to the soda bottle. IF preferred, use hot glue to stick the bottle caps to the kabobs, however, keep it far from little children until the glue is cooled. Do not use glue to keep the kabobs in place on the bottle or the wheels will not be able to turn.

    Fill the bottle with sand. If you used a clear bottle you may want to use colored sand, that can be bought at any craft store. If you used a colored bottle, fill the bottle with regular sand. This will give the bottle some weight and help it move faster. If you do not want to use sand (more of an outdoor project) you can use anything that is small enough to fit in the nozzle of the soda bottle (i.e. rice, marbles, etc.).

    Paint your bottle if you did not use sand. To help the paint stick to the smooth plastic surface, you may want to take some fine grade sandpaper and just roughen the outside.

    Use a permanent marker to write your race car's number or your name on the side. Perhaps personalize it with a little logo.

    • See whose cars goes faster and whose goes farther. Make one car out of a smaller bottle and see if it can still beat the larger bottle. Have fun with your child!