How to Make Quilling Roses

    by Alyssa Ideboen

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    While a rose smells sweet and adds aesthetic value to a number of decorations, a fresh rose isn't appropriate for many craft projects. A paper rose may not rival a fresh rose in size or in scent, but it will outlast both fresh and dried roses. Quilling roses make an ideal embellishment for greeting cards, jewelry and scrap books. With a simple tool you can create a whole bouquet of paper roses in a short amount of time.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper
    • Ruler
    • Pencil
    • Slotted quilling tool
    • Toothpick
    • Glue

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    Measure and cut a piece of paper that is 3/8 inch wide by 8 inches long. Use a ruler to help guide your pencil to create a straight strip of paper.

    Insert one end of the paper vertically into a slotted quilling tool. The long end of the paper should extend out toward the right.

    Roll the tool toward the long end, wrapping the paper around the quilling tool three times.

    Begin to roll the paper around the tool a fourth time, but stop a third of the way through. Fold the long end of the paper downward at a 90-degree angle. Continue rolling, but angle the paper so that it wraps tightly around the base of the tool while it flares out at the top. Twirl the tool toward the paper so that the folded piece rolls onto the tool.

    Fold the paper again at a 90-degree angle. Roll the fold onto the tool. Repeat the process of folding and rolling, allowing the top part of the paper to spread out creating a flower. Keep rolling until you have 1/2 inch of paper left.

    Slip the paper rose off of the tool and allow it to relax slightly. With a toothpick dab a small amount of white glue at the bottom of the rose and tuck the paper end underneath. Trim the excess paper with a pair of scissors. Hold the rose in place for several minutes until the glue sets before releasing.

    • Choose paper in hues of red, yellow, pink or orange for a realistic-looking rose.
    • Don't let go of your rose after you take it off of the quilling tool. Wait until the glue has set completely before allowing it to dry on its own.