How to Make a Queen-Sized Duvet Cover

    by Drue Tibbits

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    Drue Tibbits is a writer based in Central Florida, where she attended Florida Southern College. Her articles have appeared in Entrepreneur and Your Home magazines. She has also been profiled in the Florida Today newspaper and the Writer's Digest magazine. In addition to writing brochure copy for local businesses, she helps new start-up companies develop a local image presence.


    A duvet cover is like a large pillowcase for your duvet. Just as a pillowcase helps keep your pillow clean, a duvet cover will help keep your duvet clean. With a duvet cover, you won’t have to wash the duvet very often—you can simply remove the duvet cover and throw it in the wash. You can make your own queen-size duvet cover at a fraction of the cost of a ready-made cover. Homemade duvet covers enable you to change the color scheme or design of your bedding by simply changing the duvet cover.

    Things You'll Need

    • Measuring tape
    • Pencil
    • Paper
    • 2 flat sheets, queen or king size
    • Fabric chalk pencil
    • Yardstick
    • Scissors
    • Sewing machine
    • Thread
    • Fabric ribbon, 24 inches
    • 4 buttons, 1-inch diameter
    • Hand-sewing needle

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    Use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of the duvet. Queen-size duvets will vary in size, depending on the manufacturer, so don’t rely on “standard” queen-size measurements. Add one inch to each measurement and write down the required cut length and width measurements.

    Purchase two flat sheets that are at least as 4 inches wider and as 8 inches longer as the duvet’s actual measurements. You will need either queen or king size sheets. You can choose the same pattern for the top and bottom of the duvet cover or you can use a print pattern for the top and a solid pattern for the bottom.

    Wash and dry the sheets to preshrink them.

    Lay the sheets on a flat surface, placing the right sides together and lining up all four edges evenly. Lay the sheets in the same direction so that the wide-hemmed top edges of the sheets are at the same end. Cut off the decorative top hem and the bottom sewn hem.

    Use a fabric chalk pencil to mark the sheet at the required cut length measurement. Place several marks across the width, join the marks and cut the sheet along the line.

    Measure the sheets from side to side. Use a fabric chalk pencil to mark the sheet at the required cut width measurement.

    Make several width marks down the length of the sheets, joint the marks and cut on the drawn line.

    Sew the sheets together along three sides, leaving the fourth side—the finished bottom edges of the sheets—open. Use a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

    Turn the duvet cover right side out.

    Cut four pieces of ribbon 6 inches long. Sew one end of each piece of ribbon onto the open edge of the duvet cover, spaced evenly along the open edge. For a queen-size duvet cover, the ribbons will be spaced approximately 18 inches apart.

    Sew four 1-inch diameter buttons onto the edge of the sheet opposite the ribbons, lining up the buttons with the ribbons.

    Insert the duvet into the duvet cover. Tie the ribbons onto the buttons to close the duvet cover.

    • Use a flannel sheet for the bottom of the duvet cover for a warm cover in the winter.
    • Optional closures for the duvet cover include hook-and-loop fasteners, snaps and ribbons.