How to Make Potato Bags

    by Gerard Quinn

    About the Author

    Gerard Quinn is a recent graduate of Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. He currently lives in the New York City area. In the past, Gerard has contributed to the website Film Threat and served as an intern at MSNBC. He has written for Demand Studios for four months.


    You can toss a potato in the microwave for six minutes and serve it with butter and sour cream, but don't call it "baked." A microwaved potato often comes out dry, with leathery skin, losing that oven-baked tenderness. With a little cotton fabric, however, you can sew together a simple bag that lets you cook up to four potatoes at a time in the microwave without losing moisture for true baked-potato flavor.

    Things You'll Need

    • 2 pieces of 100-percent cotton fabric, 10 by 22 inches
    • 1 piece of 100-percent cotton quilt batting, 10 by 22 inches)
    • Needle
    • Thread
    • Scissors
    • Marker

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    Cut out two pieces of cotton fabric and one piece of quilt batting, so they measure 10 inches long and 22 inches wide.

    Lay out the fabric so the two pieces of cotton have their right sides together and all edges lined up. Lay the batting on top of the fabric. Fasten with pins along the 10-inch ends.

    Sew a 1/2-inch seam along the 10-inch sides of the bag, through all three layers. Remove the pins. Turn the piece inside out between the two layers of fabric. The batting should be sandwiched between the two pieces of fabric, each with the right side facing out.

    Repin along the seams you just sewed, flattening them so the fabric is taut. Topstich 1/4 inch from each 10-inch edge. These will be the finished edges at the opening of the potato bag.

    Mark the bag 2 inches from one 10-inch edge and fold the other end of the piece bag up until it reaches the mark. You are left with a 2-inch lip. Fold and pin the lip to the front side of the bag, which should now measures about 9 1/2 inches long.

    Turn the bag inside out. Sew along each 9 1/2-inch end, 1/2 inch from each edge. At the top of the seam you should also catch the edge of the 2-inch lip, which will be the opening flap.

    Pull the bag right side out through the opening at the top. The folded lip will be wrong side out across the back of the bag. Fold it right side out to cover the opening at the top of the bag and poke your fingertips into the corners from the inside of the bag to push them back into shape.

    • When cooking, wash and dry the potatoes, wrap them in a paper towel and slip them into the bag through the opening at the top.
    • Do not prick your potatoes before cooking.
    • It's possible that using fabrics other than 100-percent cotton could cause microwave fires. Please weigh this possibility before constructing the bag.