How to Make Pop Up Cards

    by Amy Hannaford

    About the Author

    Amy Hannaford teaches childbirth education classes and a healthy pregnancy series in Southern Oregon. Hannaford holds an Associate of Arts degree, a certificate in medical assisting, and has been a childbirth educator and birth doula for 20 years. She has been writing articles for Demand Media since 2008.


    Pop-up cards are always a special surprise to the person who receives them. Make yours even more personal by designing it yourself using a collection of pretty papers. Visit the scrapbooking department of your local craft store to find papers, stickers and embellishments to fit any occasion. By pre-folding your handmade card into a traditional four-quarter size, you'll be able to find an envelope to perfectly house it.

    Things You'll Need

    • 2 pieces of scrapbooking paper, 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches
    • Ruler
    • Scissors
    • Glue stick
    • Markers or crayons
    • Embellishments

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    Fold a piece of patterned paper in half lengthwise and then lengthwise again to make a traditional quarter-fold greeting card.

    Measure and mark a 4-inch by 5-inch rectangle on another sheet of decorative paper and use scissors to cut it out.

    Lay the small rectangle on the table in front of you with the long edge positioned horizontally and decorate it using a pretty calligraphy. This will be the pop-up section of your greeting card. You might want to write a birthday or anniversary message.

    Fold the small rectangle in half vertically, with the message showing on the outside. Fold each vertical edge under about half an inch.

    Use the glue stick to adhere the turned-under edges of the small rectangle to the inside of the card with the creases lined up. Allow to dry.

    Finish your card by embellishing the front with assorted media that could include stamped designs, buttons or pressed flowers. Sign your name on the inside. Fold the card closed. When it's opened, the rectangle will pop up.

    • Experiment with various types of paper in your pop-up greeting cards -- card stock, parchment or handmade papers.