How to Make a Plastic Canvas Tissue Box Cover

    by Suzie Faloon

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    Suzie Faloon is a freelance writer who has written online content for various websites. As a professional crafter and floral designer, Faloon owned a florist business for nearly 25 years. She completed the Institute of Children's Literature course in 1988.


    If you don't like the look of tissue boxes strewn all over the house, you can hide them with covers made of plastic canvas. This material is so easy to work with that adept children may be able to help with the embroidery, especially if you opt for plastic needles instead of metal. Plastic canvas is also inexpensive enough that you can make many covers, to accent room decor or suit a particular season, without having to break the bank.

    Things You'll Need

    • Measuring tape
    • Marker
    • 2 plastic canvas sheets
    • Large-eye needle
    • Yarn

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    Measure the sides and top of the tissue box you intend to cover. Use a marker to mark those measurements out on pieces of plastic canvas, then cut them out. For a square tissue box you'll need one top and four sides; for a rectangular tissue box you'll need one top, two short sides and two long sides. If the squares in the canvas don't quite mesh with the measurements, cut along the outside edge of the next largest square.

    Count the holes along the edges of the top and side pieces. You can also hold them up and visually compare them. You're checking to make sure that the seams where the pieces will fit together are all the correct length. If one piece is longer than it should be in any dimension, trim it to fit.

    Tear the cardboard top from a box of tissue and place it over the "top" piece of plastic mesh. Trace around the opening in the cardboard top, then cut that shape out from the piece of plastic mesh. This is the hole you'll pull the tissues through. If you don't want to tear the top off a tissue box, you can measure the opening and then draw it in.

    Thread your large-eye needle with yarn and cover all five pieces of plastic canvas with your embroidery stitch of choices. If you're just starting out try continental stitch, or you can do cross-stitch style "X" stitches. Don't tie knots in your yarn. Instead make sure your first few stitches cover the starting tail on the back of the piece, then thread the ending tail through several stitches in the back of the piece before you cut it.

    When you have all five pieces stitched with your chosen design, join the sides and top together with whip stitching. Thread the starting tail through the back side of several stitches before you start. Then thread the ending tail through the back side of several stitches, too, before you cut it.