How to Make Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

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    The pinecone is among the favorite natural materials for Christmas ornaments. Known as a symbol of the holiday season, pinecones are excellent décor pieces not only because of their attractive floral shape, but because they are easy to embellish. The pretty ornaments will decorate a Christmas tree for years. Making pinecone ornaments is a fun craft project for the entire family and the finished results make charming small holiday gifts for office friends or neighbors.

    Things You'll Need

    • Pinecones
    • Eye screws
    • Paint
    • Foam paintbrush
    • Ribbons
    • Gold paint

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    Place fallen pinecones on a cookie tray in a 200 degree Fahrenheit oven for 30 minutes to kill all bugs and dry out the pinecones.

    Attach eye screws to the pinecones by twisting the screw in the flat top of the pinecone with your hands.

    Paint the pinecones, either the whole cone or just the tips of the scales, with acrylic paint, using a foam paintbrush. Let the paint dry for one hour.

    String ribbons through the pinecone eye screws. Hang the pinecones by the ribbons on a tree or gather the pinecones together in a decorative basket.

    • Instead of hand-painting the pinecones with a paintbrush, consider dipping the cones in a bucket of paint from a wire wrapped around the eye screw.
    • Some pinecone varieties have prickly tips on their scales. Adults should remove these pointed tips before letting children handle the pinecones for painting or decorating. Use pruning shears, scissors, or a nail file to cut or scrape off the sharp tips.