How to Make Pillow Stuffing

    by Louise Harding

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    Pillow stuffing doesn’t always have to be purchased in the store. Decorative pillows, in particular, or a handmade pet's bed can be stuffed with a variety of recycled textiles and other materials enabling you to create a beautiful project with items that might otherwise be thrown away. To save money, look around your home for unused items that can be converted into budget-friendly stuffing for your hand-crafted pillows.

    Things You'll Need

    • Sponge
    • Fabric scraps
    • Sweaters or socks
    • Scissors

    Cut foam or sponge material -- such as a high-density foam remnant -- into small pieces; the shape doesn't matter. Drop the pieces in a clear plastic bag until you're ready to use them. Fill the decorative pillowcase with the cut pieces of sponge. Cut more sponge scraps until you fill the pillowcase.

    Cut up fabric scraps into pieces small pieces. Fill the pillow form or pillowcase with the cut pieces of fabric. Fabric pillow stuffing usually weighs more than store-bought polyfill and works better for stuffing decorative sofa pillows than bed pillows.

    Cut old sweaters or socks into small pieces. Wool sweaters make an ideal stuffing because the pile is soft and fluffy. Alternatively, unravel loosely knitted and crocheted items. Purchase additional old wool sweaters and socks at thrift stores if needed to complete your project.

    • To prevent a mess, place an old bed sheet or a painter's drop cloth on the floor -- especially if your floor is carpeted -- when cutting materials to make pillow stuffing.
    • Using a combination of cut sponge, cut fabric scraps and any commercially purchased pillow stuffing for your decorative pillow project.

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