How to Make a Pig Nose & Tail

    by Lisbeth Booth

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    With their pink snouts and signature curly tails, pig costumes are instantly recognizable, even to small children. A pig costume does not have to be elaborate. A simple pig nose and tail give you an instant outfit for playtime or, combined with a pink sweat suit, a costume for Halloween or a school play. You do not need any sewing skills to make a pig nose and tail.

    Things You'll Need

    • Toilet paper roll or plastic foam cup
    • Pink craft foam or pink felt
    • Glue
    • Black marker
    • Hole punch
    • Elastic
    • Pink pipe cleaner
    • Safety pin

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    Cut the paper roll or plastic foam cup in half. This will serve as the base of your pig nose.

    Roll the craft foam or felt around the nose to determine how much you will need to cover the nose. Cut the foam or felt, adding an extra one-quarter inch to the circumference of the nose. Smear some glue on one side of the felt or foam and wrap it around the nose, overlapping the edges of the foam or felt.

    Place the round end of the nose on another piece of foam or felt and trace around it. Cut the round of foam or felt and glue it on the end of the nose. Draw round nostrils on the end of the snout with a black marker.

    Punch holes on either side of the nose near the base using a hole punch. Measure a piece of elastic to fit around the child's head. Cut the elastic and thread one end through each hole. Secure the elastic by tying a knot inside the nose.

    Curl the pipe cleaner around the marker to make a curly tail. Wrap one end of the pipe cleaner around the hole in the safety pin and attach to the back of the child's pants.

    • This costume can also be adapted to fit an adult. Simply adjust the size of the elastic on the nose to fit an adult's head.

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