How to Make Photo Memory Quilts

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    For knockout gifts for everyone on your list, make photo memory quilts. You do need some sewing ability and a computer for this craft. Grandparents would love one with pictures of the grandchildren. A graduate would be thrilled with a quilt featuring class pictures for every school year. Use the following instructions to make this surprise gift for someone you love.

    Things You'll Need

    • Digital camera
    • Old photos
    • Computer
    • Scanner
    • Printer
    • Printer fabric sheets
    • Sewing machine
    • Fabric
    • Iron
    • Quilt batting
    • Yarn
    • Yarn needle

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    Prepare Photos for Quilt

    Take pictures using your digital camera or scan photos you already have and upload them to your computer. Save them in a file and use a photo editing program to crop and size the picture for your project. The pictures need to be uniform and a size that will look appropriate centered in a 6-inch square.

    Print the photos onto printer fabric sheets. These are available at local craft and fabric stores. If your printer isn't adequate, copy the pictures to a disc, and take it and the fabric sheets to an office supply to have it done.

    Follow the directions on the fabric sheets for removing the plastic backing and soaking in water. Let dry completely. Trim the fabric sheets to 6 and 1/2 inches square. Your pictures are now ready to incorporate into memory quilts.

    Assemble Quilt

    Plan the size of your quilt and cut contrasting fabric into the appropriate number of 6 and 1/2 inch squares. Lay out the quilt by alternating the fabric and photo squares. Move around until you are happy with the placement. You are now ready to sew.

    Use a 1/4-inch seam allowance to sew squares into a row. Next, sew the rows together, adding one at a time. Press seams thoroughly as you go and then press entire quilt top one more time. Press the seams toward the pictures rather than pressing them open. This gives the quilt more strength. Lay quilt top face down on a large work surface.

    Cut batting to the same size as the quilt top and lay on the top. Cut contrast backing material in the same way and lay on top of the batting. Pin all 3 layers together forming a "sandwich." Pin together with safety pins to prevent the layers from shifting.

    Insert a length of yarn into a yarn needle. Starting from the top of the quilt, insert the needle into the corner of a square and pull through all three layers to the back. Insert again and pull yarn back to the top and tie a square knot. Cut yarn and repeat in each corner over entire quilt. You are now ready to bind the quilt.

    Cut four binding strips, 2 inches wide. Cut two the length of your quilt plus 1 inch and two the width plus 1 inch. Fold each strip down the middle, lengthwise and press. Then fold in 1/2 inch of each of the raw edges and press. You now have 4 binding strips.

    Place one of the lengthwise strips over the raw edge of the quilt. Stitch through all layers. Repeat with the other lengthwise strip. Place the crosswise strips over the remaining raw edges of the quilt and stitch as you did the lengthwise ones. Your photo memory quilt is now finished and ready to give away.

    • These quilts can be made in any size, from lap quilt, to wall hanging size, to king size. Photos can all be different or used several different times. Just alternate to look appropriate.