How to Make Pew Bows With Tulle

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    It's your wedding, the day you've dreamed of for years -- of course you want it to be perfect. But you may be on a budget, which means you have to handle many of the details yourself, including decorating the church. If you have your heart set on huge, white fluffy tulle bows on the aisle ends of each church pew, don't panic. They are easy to make and require no sewing skills. If you can make a loop in gift ribbon, you can make your own pew bows.

    Things You'll Need

    • Tulle
    • Yardstick
    • Rotary cutting mat
    • Water soluble sewing pen
    • Rotary cutter
    • Measuring tape
    • Scissors
    • Wire
    • Ribbon
    • Silk flowers (optional)

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    Calculate the amount of tulle needed. You will need a neatly cut strip of tulle two yards by three inches per bow for large, fluffy bows. Ask yourself how many bows you need -- just for the family pews up front, or for every pew in the church. Go to the church and count how many pew ends there are on *both* sides of the aisle. Every two-yard fabric length of tulle makes 12 to 14 bows.

    Host a bow-making party. Many hands make light work. If you have a lot of bows to make, invite your friends and bridesmaids over and turn it into a party. Offer pizza, drinks and a decadent dessert, then make the bows.

    Cut the tulle into three inch widths the entire length of the fabric. You can do this quickly by folding the fabric in half, leaving you with a 1-yard piece of folded fabric. Place the fabric on a large rotary cutting mat. Measure the fabric width and make a mark every three inches every foot or so with a water soluble sewing pen. Lay the yardstick across the dots and cut each strip by rolling the rotary cutter next to the yardstick.

    Start your bow. Hold the tulle between the thumb and first finger of your non-dominant hand. Make a small, three-inch loop. This is the center of your bow, and secure by placing your thumb inside the small loop.

    Add more loops. Make a loop on one side of the small loop four to five inches long and slide the end under your index finger. This is half your bow's finished size. Make another loop on the other side of the center loop and slide under your index finger. Repeat until the bow is as full as you wish, at least four loops on each side.

    Finish the bow. Bring the end of the tulle down and cut to match the length of the first tail of your bow. Thread a ribbon through the back of the first small loop and tie as tight as you can around all the pinched parts of all loops to secure. If the ribbon is too loose, the loops will fall out. Leave enough ribbon to help attach the bow to the pew end. Trim the tails with a diagonal or V cut.

    Decorate the bow. For a more festive, personalized bow, add a silk flower or two near the center. Tie in place with more ribbon.

    • You can purchase rolls of 3- or 4-inch wide tulle. This saves time cutting, but may be more expensive. Check your local craft store.

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