How to Make a Peter Pan Hat

    by Diane Todd

    About the Author

    Diane Todd holds a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication from North Carolina State University and is a former video and web producer for a North Carolina multimedia agency. She also spent several years as a media specialist/graphics designer for the Cumberland County school system in Fayetteville, N.C.


    Peter Pan is a beloved, eternally youthful character from a story written by James M. Barrie. He fights pirates, lives in the forest and keeps company with a tiny, magical fairy. If your youngster can't wait to dress up and fly around in his imaginary world for an afternoon of pretend play, you can make your own Peter Pan hat in a matter of minutes. Just tell your little one you used a little pixie dust.

    Things You'll Need

    • Green construction paper
    • Craft glue
    • Red feather

    Lay the sheet of construction paper in front of you portrait style so that it is taller than it is wider. Fold it in half from the top down making a rectangle that is wider than it is tall.

    Fold the paper in half again from the left side over the right side. Unfold it. Now there is a crease down the middle of your rectangle.

    Fold the upper right hand corner of the rectangle into the middle so the edge lines up with the crease. Do the same with the upper left hand corner. Now you have a triangle with a thick base.

    Fold the flaps on the bottom of the triangle up on each side. Fold the corners of the flaps inward to make each of the bottom corners of the triangle pointed.

    Open up the hat so that it can be placed on a head. Glue all of the folds and flaps to hold the shape. Glue the feather to the right side so that it faces forward, up the side of the hat.

    • Allow glue to fully dry before allowing anyone to wear the hat.


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