How to Make Paper Roses

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    These paper roses are made from crepe paper rather than traditional tissue paper. You'll find that crepe paper can be curled and manipulated easily with your fingers and that the ridged surface of the paper adds an interesting texture to the flower petals. Make some authentic-looking paper roses for decoration in a vase or strung from a long piece of string for a rose garland. Children over the age of 8 will enjoy making these roses.

    Things You'll Need

    • Cardboard
    • Ruler
    • Scissors
    • Green floral tape
    • Wire cutters
    • Red and green crepe paper
    • Floral wire

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    Draw a 4-inch square on a piece of cardboard for a template with a pencil and a ruler. Make a rose petal shape by cutting the square to resemble a heart. Make additional heart petal shape templates in different sizes. Draw a leaf shape onto a piece of cardboard. Make sure the size of your leaf is in proportion to the size of your flower.

    Place each petal shape on the red crepe paper so that the paper ridges run from the top to the bottom of each petal. Trace around each shape with a pencil, one at a time, and repeat until 12 to 16 petals have been traced. Cut out each petal shape from the crepe paper with scissors.

    Cut out leaf shapes on green crepe paper, positioning the leaf shape so that the ridges run along the width. Make three or four leaves per flower.

    Cut a 6-inch length of floral wire with wire cutters and wrap one small petal's pointed end around the wire. Secure the petal in place with green floral tape. Take a second petal and place it so that it's pointed end slightly overlaps the first. Tape this petal into place as you did the first and continue, using larger petals as you move toward the rose's exterior, until all the petals have been wrapped around the wire with the floral tape.

    Use floral tape to attach your leaf shapes to the wire. Start at the base of the rose and wrap green floral tape around the length of the wire, adding leaves down the wire.

    Bend the petals of your flower backward, if desired, with your fingers. Create ripples along the petal edges. Gently stretch the crepe paper between your thumbs and forefingers all along each petal's edge.

    • Use natural rose petals and leaves as your models.