How to Make a Paper Lighthouse

    by Ronnie Daniels

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    For over 2,000 years, lighthouses have provided a welcome beacon to guide mariners safely into port. The first known lighthouse was constructed by the Pharaoh Ptolemy in 297 BC. Considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, it stood over 300 feet tall, according to Smith College Museum of Ancient Inventions. Teach your children about this and other famous lighthouses with a simple craft project. Find some pictures of lighthouses in books and on-line. Then build a model lighthouse using paper and objects found easily around the house.

    Things You'll Need

    • Cardboard potato chip canister
    • Red construction paper
    • White construction paper
    • Black construction paper
    • White glue
    • Washable colored felt markers
    • Clear plastic cup, 5 oz. size
    • Scissors
    • 1 toothpick
    • Flashing LED tea light

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    Cut sheets of red and white construction paper into strips 3 inches wide and 8 inches long. If you don’t like the red and white, you can use any colors you like.

    Be sure to use non-toxic glue for safety.

    Spread glue on one side of a white strip of construction paper. Wrap the strip around the bottom of the potato chip can.

    Repeat with more strips of the colored construction paper; alternate the colors to give the lighthouse a distinctive appearance.

    Small LED tea lights provide bright, long lasting light.

    Attach the flashing LED tea light to the top of the chips canister using glue. This is the flashing beacon for your lighthouse.

    Cut a 1 inch wide strip of black construction paper and attach it around the bottom of the clear plastic cup using glue. This will help hold the cup on top of the chips can.

    Washable markers make crafts project clean up easier.

    Decorate the lighthouse. Draw a door and windows onto the body of your lighthouse with washable colored felt markers.

    Turn on the light and place the clear cup on top of the chips can. Turn down the room lights to see your lighthouse in action.

    • Cardboard tubes, shoe boxes and milk cartons are some other items you can turn into model building materials to create a landscape around your lighthouse.
    • Use safety scissors and non-toxic glue to prevent accidents when doing crafts projects with children.

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