How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies

    by Jonae Fredericks

    About the Author

    Jonae Fredericks started writing in 2007. She also has a background as a licensed cosmetologist and certified skin-care specialist. Jonae Fredericks is a certified paraeducator, presently working in the public education system.


    Paper fortune cookies are popular favors for weddings and baby showers. With your choice of decorative paper and a simple folding technique, you can have your fortune cookies made in a flash! You can take your inspiration from traditional fortune cookie sayings or make up a unique message that suits the occasion.

    Things You'll Need

    • Decorative patterned paper
    • Coordinating colored paper
    • Circle template
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Metallic pen

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    Prepare your paper by making sure that it is a perfect circle. You can use any round item as a template, such as a small bowl. Just remember that the size of your circles will determine the size of your fortune cookies!

    Place the paper circle in front of you with the pattern side face down.

    Fold the paper circle in half. You do not need to make a hard crease, just gently fold the bottom end up to meet the top.

    Take both outer edges and pull them down to meet each other. Once again, you do not need to form a hard crease. A slight tug downwards on both ends will form your shape. Your paper will now look like a fortune cookie.

    Add a dab of glue where the two ends meet to secure them. The glue is necessary in order to hold the shape of your fortune cookie.

    Write your fortune on a thin strip of solid colored paper using the metallic pen.

    Slip the fortune inside the cookie. If you want the fortune to be visible without opening the paper cookie, carefully glue the tip inside one end of the cookie.