How to Make Paper 3-D Star

    by Contributing Writer

    Paper folding is an inexpensive activity for the whole family -- especially around the holidays. A 3-D star can be used for a Christmas tree decoration or as a unique addition to wrapped gifts. Experiment with paper of different weights, patterns and colors. Instead of throwing out old newspapers and magazines, turn them into stars.

    Things You'll Need

    • 4 paper strips, 1/2 inch by 20 inches
    • Scissors
    • Glitter, sequins or other embellishments

    Take the four strips of paper and place them together in a stack. Trim both ends into an arrow shape. Fold each strip in half.

    Place one piece horizontally with the arrow pointing left to begin the basket-weave design. Take the next piece and place vertically with the first piece inside its fold. The arrow should be pointing up. Put the third piece horizontally across with the arrow pointing left and the second piece inside its fold. Place the fourth piece vertically, arrow pointing down, with the third piece inside its fold. Pull the ends of the fourth piece through the first piece so they rest inside its folds. Pull the ends, leaving a perfect, woven square. You will need to make one more basket weave on top of the first.

    Fold over the upward-pointing piece so its end points downward. Fold the top piece on the left and over to the right. Bring the top piece that is below right upward. Fold the top, upper right piece to the left, weaving it under and through the fold on the left side. Make sure the paper is pressed flat and the weave is tight.

    Bring the upper-left piece around the back and to the right, forming a triangle. Fold it over to form a second triangle that is a mirror image of the first. Fold the piece to the left at the crease between the two triangles, forming triangle. Bring the arrow through the upper-right fold and pull taut. Fold it back to stick up toward you. Turn the star counterclockwise and repeat this process all the way around. Turn the star over and repeat the process for the pieces on that side. You now should have a star with four strips of paper shooting out of both sides.

    Position the star so the pieces that stick out are pointing toward you on one side and away from you on the other side. Take the piece on the right side and fold it into a loop in a counterclockwise direction. Thread the arrow through the fold on the upper left. Pull it all the way through the triangle that forms one of the points of the star. Trim the end off so that it is flush with the star point.

    Turn the star counterclockwise and repeat the process in Step 4. Turn the star over, and repeat with the pieces on that side. You now have a complete 3-D star.

    Decorate your star as desired. You can color it, paint it or add glitter and sequins to it.

    • Make sure the paper strips are of equal length and width. Heavier weights are easier to work with.
    • This type of star -- often called a Moravian, Froebel or German star -- is sometimes dipped in wax and coated with glitter.
    • Always give young children safety scissors rather than the regular adult type. Avoid injury and damage to your furniture by keeping a close eye on them as they work on the project.