How to Make Your Own Name Tags

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    It's easy to make your own name tags for a conference or event. Plastic insertable badges are available at most office supply stores. You can print out your information from your computer's word processing software and then cut the name tags out. Another method is to purchase perforated name tag labels with or without an adhesive backing. Companies such as Avery and Brother offer labels that are precut on a sheet of 8-1/2 by 11-inch paper that fits easily into your home or office printer.

    Things You'll Need

    • Printer
    • Printer paper
    • Name badge labels
    • Vinyl name tag holders

    Download the free template software from the Avery or Brother websites. The software is compatible with most computer word processing software.

    Open the software on your computer. Also, open your word processing software. Click on "Tools" if you are using Microsoft Word.

    Press Labels from the drop-down option in Tools. Click Options in the center of the text box that appears. Scroll down to the type of template you need. Look at the top right corner of your name badge labels for the number. One example of name tag label from Avery is 74459. Click the template number.

    Type in the name of the company or event that name tags are for in the top box. Click OK to open the sheet of name tags in the software. Your company name or event title should appear inside each box of the name tag template.

    Print out these name tags from your printer if you plan on having employees or guests write their own names. Otherwise, type in each name on each separate name tag space. Check for misspellings or typos.

    Print out a test sheet on regular printer paper. Check for typos and positioning. Make any necessary changes on the template. Then insert the label paper into your printer. Print the name tags out. Press them out of the paper from the perforated lines. Insert the name badges into vinyl name tag holders.

    • Badge-making kits that come with labels and vinyl badge covers are available.
    • Badge machines allow you to type each name onto rolls of name tags. They are printed out and can be inserted into vinyl name tag holders.
    • If you decide on guests or employees writing their own names on the tags, provide fine-point permanent markers.

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