How to Make Your Own Book Cover

    by Grace Covelli

    About the Author

    Based in New York, Grace Covelli has been writing since 1996. Her work has appeared on various websites, many of them health-related. Covelli completed a course in writing for children and teenagers and received a diploma for natural health consulting with highest honors. She also studied reflexology, Reiki and esthetics. One of her hobbies is sewing.


    With an appreciation of the work and creativity involved in writing and printing books, taking care of these written works properly is wise. A book cover is one way to preserve and care for books. With a protective book cover, you can keep the artwork on the cover of your book safe and attractive for many years. Make your own book cover, using your own design, to give it your own personal touch.

    Things You'll Need

    • Tape measure
    • Heavyweight paper (wallpaper remnant or shopping bag)
    • Pencil
    • Scissors
    • Tape

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    Measure the length of the closed book from the top right edge, around the spine, to the back edge and add 6 inches. Measure the width of the book and add 3 inches.

    Draw the measured dimensions on the wrong side of the paper and cut out the rectangle.

    Lay the paper flat on a work surface with the wrong side facing up.

    Place the book in the center of the paper and wrap the paper around the book.

    Fold the paper up along the four edges of the book and crease the folded edges with your fingers. Set the book aside momentarily.

    Fold the paper flat along the four folds and press your fingernail along the folds to crease them.

    Fit the book into the book cover and position the flaps of the book cover onto the inside edges of the front and back cover of the book. At the top and bottom edge of the book at the spine, make 1 1/2-inch-long vertical slits to enable the fold to lay flat over the spine.

    Tape the book cover in place inside the front and back covers of the book to hold it securely.

    • Decorate the book cover with markers or paints if you used plain paper.