How to Make Outdoor Ghost Decorations

    by Erin Morris

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    Halloween decorations are a fun and spooky aspect of the season. While a trip to the store to get decorations will suffice, making them yourself can often be more rewarding. Often, you'll have all the materials you'll need lying around the house to make great Halloween decorations. One of the most traditional decorations associated with Halloween are ghosts, so get started on making some outdoor ghost decorations for Halloween.

    Things You'll Need

    • White bed sheet or white plastic tablecloth
    • Scissors
    • Newspaper
    • White string
    • Black magic marker

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    Cut squares. Cut even squares out of the bed sheet or plastic tablecloth. Tablecloths are usually better to use because they will be more weather resistant. The size of the squares can differ by how large you'd like your ghosts to be. Twelve-inch squares will get you ghosts that are about 8 inches tall. Depending on how involved you want to get, you can make ghosts of all shapes and sizes.

    Ball up newspaper. Take an old newspaper and rip your sheets in half. Crunch up the pieces of newspaper so that each sheet creates a round shape. These are going to be used to make the ghosts heads.

    Place newspaper onto squares. Spread out the squares and place the newspaper in the center of each square. The bigger the ghost, the bigger your newspaper ball should be. Trial and error will help you judge how much to use for the head.

    Cut pieces of string about 12- to 18-inches long. The string will be used for two purposes. Set the strings aside for now.

    Make the ghosts. Pick up a square and take the excess plastic or cloth and wrap it over and around the newspaper. You should be able to put your fingers around the neck of the ghost and you'll have the head above and the rest of the ghost body below. Take the pieces of string and tie one end around the neck of the ghost to hold the cloth or plastic in place. The other end will be used later to hang the ghosts outside. Repeat this step with all of the squares.

    Draw faces. Some creators opt to keep the ghost faces blank, but to for expressive ghosts, grab the black magic marker and get creative. Give your ghosts varying facial expressions to make them each one of a kind.

    Hang up the ghosts. Once the faces are drawn, its time to decorate. Take your ghosts outside and decide where you are going to hang them. You can hang them from trees, bushes, plants, lights, furniture, or wherever you please. Making outdoor ghost decorations is a great activity that can make your yard look fantastic for Halloween.

    • You can fill the ghosts with newspaper, cotton, tissue paper or even plastic grocery bags.
    • If you string ghosts to a larger piece of string and hang them from one place to another, you can create the effect of ghosts flying in mid-air.
    • Aim to use weather resistant materials as these decorations will be outside in the elements.