How to Make Non-Slip Socks

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    Walking on smooth surfaces wearing socks can be slippery. You can buy socks with nonslip grips on the bottom, or you can make your own with little cost and effort. This is especially great for children's socks and pajamas. Little ones aren't always steady on their feet and slippery floors can be dangerous.

    Things You'll Need

    • Socks
    • Fabric paint

    Wash and dry the socks you want to add traction to. They should be completely clean before starting the project.

    Choose the color and the design you want to paint on the bottom of the sock. The simplest design is to make wavy or zigzag lines across the foot of the sock. You can draw little pictures, like hearts or daisies, for a little girl's sock.

    Paint the bottom of the sock with raised lines of fabric paint. The raised paint is what gives your sock traction. Use the first sock as guide to paint the second sock.

    Rewash and dry the socks on low heat. Drying them on high heat causes the paint to crack and peel. Once you make your nonslip socks, always dry them on a low heat setting.

    • A quick alternative to applying paint is to use duct tape to make nonslip socks. Cut 2 separate 1/2-by-2 inch pieces and apply one to the pad of your sock and one to the heel. Remove the tape before washing.