How to Make Native American Drums for Kids

    by Jonra Springs

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    Make a Native American drum for kids to enjoy fantasy play. Most kids will eagerly work to make crafts that provide them with a toy in the end. A Native American drum can be crafted from common household items and fuel the imagination.

    Things You'll Need

    • 1 empty 39-oz. coffee can
    • Construction paper
    • Clear tape
    • Glue
    • Crafting feathers (optional)
    • Teaspoons

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    Cover the outside of an empty coffee can with construction paper. Wrap the rounded sides with a single color and discretely secure the seams with clear tape. It takes two sheets of 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper to make it around a 39-oz. can. Cut or fold the paper to fit within the cylinder.

    Use a contrasting color of construction paper to add a zigzag design. Lay cut paper strips diagonally and cut the ends at an angle to end at the tops and bottoms. Tape the strips at both ends.

    Cut out Native American shapes, like tee-pees, thunder bird totems, horses or hawks. Use glue to secure the cut shapes.

    Cut feather shapes from construction paper and tape the ends to the top rim. Cut fringes along both sides of the feathers. Crafting feathers can be substituted for an authentic appearance. Tape the quills to the top of the can rim under one of the seams or paper strips to cover the points.

    Offer the drummer a teaspoon to use as a drum stick. Children are also likely to pound out a rhythm on the cap with their hands.

    • Check around the top edge of the can to ensure that there are no sharp edges from the can opener.

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