How to Make Metal Wall Art

    by Chyrene Pendleton

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    Creating metal wall art provides an almost endless number of ways to decorate your walls. Your three-dimensional metal sculptures can be made to match any decorating style, from Victorian to Country. Visit salvage yards for wire and metal scraps. Hardware stores sell galvanized and baling wire by the roll inexpensively in brass, aluminum, copper and steel. Chain craft stores also sell florist wire at low prices. Experiment with different wire types in your metal art sculptures -- the possibilities are endless!

    Things You'll Need

    • Safety glasses
    • Roll of wire in brass, steel, copper or aluminum
    • Florist wire (optional)
    • Wire cutter
    • Pliers
    • Small nails
    • Hammer

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    Look at objects you enjoy to get ideas for your wire sculpture. For example, if you love cats, look at your own cat closely or look at pictures of cats. Draw an outline of a cat on paper.

    Put on your safety glasses. Cut your wire into 12-inch pieces using a wire cutter. Besides the ease of working with smaller pieces, 12-inch wires are less likely to cause eye injury to yourself or others, even with the precaution of safety glasses.

    Bend your wire pieces into the basic form of your design using your drawing as a template. Don't be afraid to slightly free-form your shape. Let your fingers take over as you mold and bend the wire. An abstract of the real thing looks much more interesting and draws on more of your creativity.

    Wrap different thicknesses of steel or copper wire on to the basic form you have created. Twists, loops, knots and braids will give your form character. Fasten each piece of wire to a spot on your form by wrapping the end of your wire tightly around a spot on the form itself. Make sure to keep the back side of the piece flat, placing the dimensional pieces on the front side to give depth.

    Wipe off your finished metal art sculpture using a clean cloth. If you used galvanized wire, there may be traces of machine oil on it. Galvanized wire also has a zinc coating to help prevent rust. Check for any sharp edges or wire ends that can be bent to the inside of the sculpture to prevent injury. Hang your completed sculpture on your wall by hooking the base form over nails placed in the wall.

    • Hang your large metal wall art piece as a headboard in your bedroom. You can also mount it in your foyer, or use it to bring life to a boring room.
    • Paint your sculpture if you desire. Use primer and paint designed for metal. You can also use spray paint for metal, available at hardware, home improvement and craft stores.