How to Make a Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

    by Cathy Conrad

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    The uses for mason jars are nearly endless. Most often used for canning fruit and jam, mason jars can also be repurposed into household items. Soap dispensers made from mason jars are a relatively easy project and create a unique look.

    Things You'll Need

    • Mason canning jar, quart or pint with a small mouth
    • Matching lid and and metal ring
    • 2-piece dispenser pump with a long tube to reach the bottom of the jar
    • 2 small rubber washers
    • Craft glue
    • Drill
    • Permanent marker
    • Liquid soap

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    Wash and dry the canning jar. Place the lid on top of the jar and tighten the ring over it.

    Place a washer in the middle of the lid and, using the marker, trace the inside circumference of the washer on the lid.

    Remove the washer and drill out the marked area. Clean all metal shavings from the jar and lid.

    Glue the washers in place on the top and underside of the hole in the lid. Let dry completely.

    Remove the lid and ring from the jar. Disconnect the two parts of the dispenser pump. Poke the pump through the hole in the lid and reconnect the pump.

    Add soap to the jar. Place the lid back on the jar and tighten the ring over it. Your soap dispenser is ready to use.

    • Dress up your mason jar soap dispenser with a piece of ribbon around the metal ring. You can also paint the outside of the jar or add stickers and decals.