How to Make Macrame Plant Hangers

    by Kelsey Erin Shipman

    About the Author

    Kelsey Erin Shipman is a writer, performer and educator. She teaches creative writing to senior citizens, inmates at Travis County Jail, and undergraduates at Texas State University where she earned her MFA in creative writing. Her work has appeared in "Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review," "The Austin Chronicle," and "The African American Review." Shipman is Writer-In-Residence at the Katherine Anne Porter House.


    Macrame is the art of knotting rope into interesting patterns. Macrame patterns range from relatively simple to the extremely elaborate. With time and practice, you can master complex patterns and even create your own. Macrame is used for wall decorations, baskets and plant hangers. A plant hanger is a practical project that even a beginner can complete.

    Things You'll Need

    • Cording
    • Metal or wooden ring
    • Scissors

    Cut six pieces of macrame cord. Each cord should be six times longer than the desired length of your finished piece.

    Fold all the cords in half. This should make 12 rope ends.

    Tie the folded end of the cords to the ring. Use an overhand knot by looping the end around the cord and pulling the end through tightly.

    Separate the ends into three groups of four ends each.

    At the top of the planter, tie one section of rope ends with a square knot by pulling the right cords over the left cords, twisting and then pulling the left cords over the right. Both ends of the ropes should exit the knot together. For a demonstration of a square knot, refer to resources below.

    Repeat Step 5 with the other two sections of rope.

    Separate each section of four rope ends in half.

    Pair off every half with the pair to either the left- or right-hand side. You should again have three sets of four strands.

    Tie all rope ends, using a square knot, at the base of where the pot will be.

    Bring all ends together at the center of the base of the pot. Tie one final knot of any style.

    Bead, braid or cut off the remaining ends of rope.

    Place your pot inside the hanger and hang it up.

    • Use colored macrame cord to give your plant hanger extra style. Common colors are blue, purple, green and red.