How to Make a Knitted Headband

    by Contributing Writer

    Pull on a knitted headband for a quick solution when you are having a bad hair day. Twist a narrow headband that you just knitted for an easy updo. Wrap one around your ponytail for a fresh look. This quick project can be completed by the end of the movie you are watching. It also allows you to use up those balls of yarn leftover from other projects.

    Things You'll Need

    • Yarn
    • Knitting needles, size 6
    • Large-eyed yarn/tapestry needle

    Cast on eight stitches. The amount of stitches that are cast on will determine the width of the headband.

    Begin by knitting one, then purling one, repeatedly across the row. In row 2, do just the opposite by purling one and then knitting one, repeating across. Continue this until the headband reaches the desired length. This pattern is called the "seed stitch" pattern. Complete the headband by binding off and sewing the ends together neatly with a large-eyed, blunt needle.

    Select another pattern, such as the stockinette stitch, for an entirely different look. Using the same width, knit across the row, turn, then purl across as before. Finish the headband using the same directions to bind off and sew together.

    Choose a plush, furry novelty yarn and create a wide headband to match your snow suit. No matter what stitch pattern or yarn you use, the size of the headband should be measured to fit the head before binding off.

    • Use leftover yarn from other projects to make knitted headbands.