How to Make a Horse Swing Out of a Tire

    by Amanda Flanigan

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    Old tires can become a pain in your neck. Nobody wants them, and most waste management companies will not take them. You cannot burn them, and dumping them is illegal. Leaving them in your yard creates an unsightly eyesore. So what are you supposed to do with them? Turn those old tires into a horse tire swing for your kids.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper or poster board
    • Pencil
    • Bias-ply tire
    • Shears
    • 5 long bolts
    • 5 end caps for bolts
    • Rope or chain

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    Design the template on a piece of paper or large poster board. Place the bias-ply tire on top of the paper and sketch both the outer and inner parts of the tire on the paper.

    Draw the template inside the tire sketch. You must draw the horse shape inside the two circles. See the References section for the template. Be sure to copy the template exactly. This includes labeling the places on the template that will need holes cut. Cut the excess paper so you are left with only the template.

    Cut the tire according to the template. Cutting a tire is not an easy task. You must cut through both sidewalls of the tire evenly to form the correct shape of the horse.

    Turn the tire inside out. Heat the joints if you are having difficulty turning the tire inside out. Spread the tire lengthwise; you will see the horse start to take shape.

    Shape the tire along the joints and secure it in place with bolts. Start with the nose and bolt the cheeks together through the neck of the horse. Bolt the horse together and move down from its head to the neck and down to its back and haunches.

    Loop the tail piece of the horse back upon itself and attach with a bolt. This creates the seat and jaunty tail.

    Place a long bolt through the saddle to keep it from losing its form. Cap the ends of the bolt to prevent injuries to the riders.

    Hang the swing by looping a chain or rope through the cut that is at the head and the tail loop.

    • Take care when cutting the tire so that you do not injure yourself.

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