How to Make Homemade Christmas Decorations

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    Entertaining is part of every holiday season. You want your home to be decorated and to feel festive and inviting for your guests and family alike. Purchasing a lot of Christmas decor can quickly run up a large tab, and you may not have the budget to spend on decorations. Don't worry, you can make your own for little expense.

    Things You'll Need

    • Popcorn
    • Fishing line
    • Needle
    • Clear glass ball ornaments
    • Paint
    • Photos
    • Ribbon
    • Paper
    • Scissors
    • Paper plates
    • Construction paper
    • Glue sticks
    • Toilet paper rolls
    • Fabric

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    Pop popcorn and allow it to cool completely. Cut a long piece of fishing line (at least 1 yard long). Tie a large knot at one end (triple knot). On the other end, thread a needle with the fishing line. Poke the needle through the center of a piece of popcorn. Gently push the piece of popcorn all the way to the end of the line. Repeat until you have completely filled in the line with popcorn. Tie off the end. Place the completed string on a Christmas tree or hang it from banisters or other areas.

    Purchase some basic clear ornaments. Find a photo you like that can be cut down. Measure the width and height of the ornament. Draw a circle on the photo according to the measurements. Cut out the circle. Roll the sides of photo in gently, so you have a scroll-like appearance. Remove the top of the ornament. Carefully push the rolled-up photo into the ornament.
    It should unroll on its own. If you need to help it along, use a pair of tweezers to manipulate it. Place the top back on the ornament and you have a photo ornament. As another decoration, paint the exterior of the ornaments with Christmas images and messages and place on your tree.

    Fold a blank piece of white paper in half, then in half one more time so you are left with a 1/4-sheet size of paper. With a pair of scissors, cut out shapes along the edges of the paper. These can be exact squares, triangles, squiggles and other shapes. Fold the paper once more and continue to cut out edges. Open up your paper and see what you are left with. You should have a unique snowflake. Make as many of these as you would like. Hang them from the ceiling or string them on a string and drape from a mantel.

    Make a paper plate snowman. Flip a paper plate over so the bottom is facing up. Pull out different colors of construction paper. Cut out facial features for a snowman. Make eyes, a nose, mouth and eyebrows. Make a hat and maybe even a scarf. Glue the items on the paper plate with a glue stick. Create a whole family of snowmen and display on a wall or over the fireplace.

    Make a festive napkin ring for your holiday table. Measure out 1 1/2-inch segments on a toilet paper roll. Mark with a pencil, then cut along the lines. Cut a piece of Christmas fabric that is 3 inches wide by 8 inches long. Place the fabric pattern face-down then glue on the back side of the fabric. Roll the toilet paper roll segment and press the fabric into the roll. Wrap the edges on the inside of the roll. Press and roll until the entire segment is covered and the fabric ends are all secured on the roll. Make several for your Christmas entertaining.

    • Make these projects a fun activity for the entire family.
    • Print your photos in sepia tones on parchment for a charming vintage look to your photo ornaments.
    • Supervise young children when using scissors.

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