How to Make a Hemp Bracelet

    by Alexis Rohlin

    About the Author

    Alexis Rohlin is a professional writer for various websites. She has produced works for Red Anvil Publishing and was one of the top 10 finalists in the 2007 Midnight Hour Short Story Contest for Rohlin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in English from Madonna University.


    Hemp bracelets, fashioned from natural-colored twine, make eco-friendly, biodegradable jewelry. There are several different types of knots that can be used to make a hemp bracelet, the square knot being one of the most common style. Add your favorite colored beads to your bracelet to reflect your taste, or make one with beads in a friend's favorite colors to give as a gift.

    Things You'll Need

    • Hemp twine, 1 millimeter thick
    • Large safety pin
    • Assorted beads

    Cut one 30-inch piece and one 90-inch piece of hemp. Fold the hemp twine in half and place the bend of the 30-inch piece in between the bend of the 90-inch piece.

    Make a knot one half inch from the bend with both pieces of twine, leaving a loop at the end. Pin the loop to your clothing -- ideally, to a pant leg -- with a large safety pin. Four strands will hang from the loop. Position one of the longer strands to the right-most side, and the other longer strand to the left-most side, leaving the shorter strands in the center.

    Hold the left long strand with your left hand and pass it over the two short center strands to create a "4" shape, then pass it under the long right-most strand to make a loop with the left long strand. Hold the right long strand in your right hand beneath where the left strand was passed under it, and pass the long right-most strand under the two center strands to make a backwards "4" shape. Insert the end of the right-most strand into the loop that was created by the left-most strand when you draped it over the two center strands. Pull the left-most and right-most strand ends to tighten the knot.

    Continue tying the long strands in the same pattern. Drape the left long strand over the two center strands and under the right long strand, and pass the right long strand under the two center strands, and then insert it into the loop made by the left most strand and tighten it.

    Add beads at even intervals on the bracelet by inserting the two center short strands through the bead. Slide the bead up to rest beneath the last knot you made while tying the bracelet, then pass the left strand over the two center cords, and then under the right long strand. Pass the right long strand under the center strands, and then insert it into the loop made by the left most strand. Pull the right and left long strands tight. Tie knot until the bracelet is 6 inches long or until it fits around your wrist.

    Hold the hemp strands together and tie them in a simple knot. Trim the ends from the knot to finish the bracelet.