How to Make Headless Costumes

    by Meredith Burgio

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    A headless costume is an easy-to-create spooky ensemble. You can also make this to use as part of your haunted house. You can change the outer portion of this costume to whatever you or your child desires. The interior part is necessary for the illusion to work.

    Things You'll Need

    • Cardboard box
    • Quilt batting
    • Craft knife or scissors
    • Plastic grocery bag
    • 2 old shirts (one long sleeve button down and one short sleeve)
    • Set of rubber arms and hands
    • Pillow stuffing
    • Packing tape
    • Safety pins
    • Costume makeup
    • Fake blood

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    Choose the right sized box. Turn the box upside down and try to fit it over person's shoulders. The box should be large enough to fit over your shoulders, however, you want it to be tight enough so that it stays in place.

    Cut a hole in one side of the box big enough for your head to fit through. The hole should be close to the top of the box. You will wear the box on your shoulders and stick your head out of one side. The box will fit up-side down, with the bottom of the box becoming the character's shoulders. Cut the flaps off of the box.

    Cover the box with the batting and secure with the packing tape. Do not cover the hole with the batting.

    Cover one flap that you cut off in Step 1 with at least two layers of batting. Secure it just underneath where the person's head will go. You will have to try the box on to get the right measurement. This cushions the hole and will make the person more comfortable.

    Put the short sleeve shirt on the box. Cut a hole in the shirt where the head will go through just big enough to allow the person to stick his head through. Use that fabric to cover as much of the box as you can, paying close attention to the front where it is more visible.

    Put the long sleeve shirt on the box now. Grab the pillow stuffing and fill the arms. Put the fake arms through the sleeve. Attach the plastic hands with the safety pins to the sleeve.

    Apply the costume make-up and blood so it looks like the person wearing the costume got his head chopped off.

    • You can just use pillow stuffing for the hands if you desire. Also, gloves work well for the hands.

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