How to Make a Hawaiian Grass Skirt

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    Whether you're searching for a simple Hawaiian Halloween costume, dress up for your child's school play or a just-for-fun project to entertain your youngster on a rainy afternoon, this grass skirt will fit the bill. Forget about sewing or the messy gluing that comes along with other, homemade hula skirt projects; you can keep your work area neat and tidy and move straight onto imaginative play on a Hawaiian beach with your child when you're done.

    Things You'll Need

    • Colorful crepe paper (several rolls)
    • Scissors
    • Old half-slip
    • Stapler

    Measure out a piece of crepe paper that is long enough to reach just below your child's knee when held at her waist.

    Use the piece of crepe paper as a length guide to cut the rest of the crepe paper into a multitude of strips. These strips will become the "grass" of your hula skirt and you will need enough of them to hang vertically from your child's waist allowing for a generous overlap. You'll need approximately 1 strip of crepe paper for every 1/2-inch of your child's waist circumference. c

    Staple the strips so that they hang down vertically from the waistband of the slip.

    Ensure that there are no empty spaces or gaps in the strips that allow the slip below to show through.

    • Complete the "hula girl" look by wearing a colorful, Hawaiian shirt or a bikini bathing suit top. Add a lei to complete the ensemble.
    • Since this hula skirt is made from paper instead of living grass, it will last a lot longer in your child's dress-up chest.
    • Instead of a slip, you can cut a piece of 2-inch-wide ribbon to twice your child's waist circumference. Staple the crepe paper grass strips along the middle section of the ribbon and tie the ribbon ends in a bow around your child's waist.


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