How to Make a Handprint Turkey

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    How to Make a Handprint Turkey. Your children can make these paper turkeys by tracing around their own hands. The thumb becomes the turkey's head, the other fingers become the feathers and the palm becomes the body. Let them make several to use as placemats for the children's table at Thanksgiving.

    Things You'll Need

    • Beads
    • Bedsheets
    • Glues
    • Scissors
    • White Paper Plates
    • Newspaper
    • Black Felt-tip Pens
    • Construction Paper
    • Markers
    • Feathers

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    Cover a table or other flat surface with newspaper or an old bedsheet and use as a work space.

    Have each child place his or her hand onto a piece of brown construction paper and trace around hand and in between fingers with a black felt-tip pen or black marker. Make sure that the fingers are spread out flat on the paper.

    Cut out the hand print along the drawn lines.

    Use a black marker or black crayon to draw in the turkey's eye and mouth on the thumb portion of the cutout.

    Use crayons or markers to color the other finger portions of the cutout. You can also cut out four different colors of construction paper to make cutouts that fit each "feather." Glue these onto the cutout.

    Cut out a small, red bit of construction paper to glue along the neckline of the turkey. This will make the part of the turkey's neck that hangs down.

    • Help smaller children trace around their hands.
    • Use white paper or a paper plate instead of brown construction paper. This will allow children to spend more time coloring their turkeys.
    • Glue on beads for the turkey's eyes and glue on feathers to make the body of the turkey.