How to Make Halloween Bats

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    Kids love making their own paper bats and clipping them on their clothes or anywhere around the house. Paper bats make fun and decorative Halloween decorations and they are simple to create. You can make the bats any size you want by following just a few steps.

    Things You'll Need

    • Black construction paper
    • Red or yellow construction paper
    • White glue
    • Clothes pins

    Decide on the size of your bat and cut a wing span for each one you want to make. Draw a pattern on black construction paper and cut out the wings.

    Cut an oblong body out of the construction paper. The body should have pointed ears at the top and two small pegs at the bottom for feet. Make a pattern and trace on the construction paper for each bat you plan to make.

    Attach the body to the wingspan of each bat. Use a small amount of white glue to attach the two pieces together. Put the body on top of the wings.

    Cut small eyes out of red or yellow construction paper and glue them to the body just below the ears.

    Use a small amount of glue and attach the clothes pin to the back of the bat. Once dry, use the clothespin to hang the bats on curtains, pictures, clothing or anywhere else around the house.

    • Trace your child's hand and put two hand prints together for a different wingspan.
    • Bat clips make great name tags for Halloween parties. Write names on the bats with glitter pens, white chalk or crayon.
    • Use glow in the dark paint for eyes. Use wiggle eyes to give the bat a livelier look.