How to Make a Grapevine Wreath

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    The best time of year to cut excess vines from the plant is after the fruit has been picked and before the first frost. Most vines need to be pruned, so you can use the vine scraps to make your wreath.

    Things You'll Need

    • Grape Vines
    • Pruning Shears
    • Plastic Bucket
    • Craft Wire
    • Pliers

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    Cut long pieces of vine. Remove the leaves from the vine but leave a few of the "curls" for decoration.

    Begin the coil with the thick end of the vine. Make a loop of vine a little smaller than the desired finished size of your wreath.

    Overlap the large end, weaving it around the vine circle. This will hold it temporarily until you can weave more vines around the circle.

    Hold the wreath in one hand and continue to weave the vine in and out and around the beginning circle.

    Begin the next vine at a different spot from the first, and wrap it in and out and around the circle going the opposite direction of the first wrap.

    Continue these steps until your wreath is the desired size.

    • When weaving around the circle, weave new vines in between previous vines. This will help make the wreath stronger.
    • If dry vines have become brittle, soak them in water before you begin weaving.
    • If you're not going to use vines immediately after they're cut, coil them and place in a plastic bucket or tub to be soaked when ready to use.
    • When cutting wild grapevines, watch for poison ivy.