How to Make a God's Eye

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    Making a God's eye is a simple and fun craft, perfect for little hands to create. With a little extra yarn and a few wooden craft sticks, your little ones can make a God's eye ornament in a matter of minutes. Here's how to do it.

    Things You'll Need

    • 2 wooden craft sticks
    • Yarn in various colors
    • Craft glue

    Apply glue to the center of one of the sticks and glue them together in the center in a cross fashion. Be sure not to apply too much glue. Allow glue to dry for a few minutes until set.

    Pick the color of yarn you want in the center of your God's eye. Wrap the yarn around the center of the sticks where they're glued in an "X" fashion and tie it securely in the back of your God's eye.

    Wrap the yarn around each of the four God's eye corners. Take care to wrap the yarn in the same direction each time. When moving from one corner to the next, try not to twist the yarn. Repeat this step until you have about five rows of yarn.

    Tie another color to one corner of your God's eye and repeat with the new color for the same number of rows. Make sure the loose end is in the back of your work. Continue with another color if desired.

    Secure the loose yarn around one corner to finish your God's eye.

    Make a loop in the remaining yarn and tie it again to the corner so you can hang it. Glue the loose yarn to the back of one of the sticks and let it dry before you hang it up.

    • You can create a variation of this pattern by wrapping the yarn in different directions. Try wrapping the first color clock wise and the next counter clockwise. This will add dimension and interest to your project.
    • Try using twigs instead of wooden craft sticks for a natural, rustic look.
    • This God's Eye craft makes a great gift for grandparents of young children. They'll be so happy that they received something handmade from their grandchildren. Completing the project and giving it as a gift will build a sense of accomplishment in the child.