How to Make Glycerin Soap

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    Translucent soap makes a great gift for any occasion. They can be personalized for birthdays, weddings or even baby showers. It is simple to make for any crafting level and is a fun project for kids to create with a parent. All soap making supplies are readily available at craft and hobby shops.

    Things You'll Need

    • Glycerin soap base
    • Food Coloring
    • Fragrant Essential Oils
    • Rubbing Alcohol
    • Candy Thermometer
    • Double Boilers
    • Stirring Spoons
    • Soap Mold

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    Melt one pound of glycerin soap base in a double boiler. The temperature should be about 155 degrees F.

    Remove from heat and stir in cosmetic-grade coloring. Add one tablespoon of essential oil if desired. Mix well.

    Pour into a soap, candle or candy mold. Spray the mold lightly with rubbing alcohol to help prevent bubbles. If there are bubbles, let them rise to the top and spray the soap tops with rubbing alcohol to make the bubbles disappear.

    Let the soap set up for a half hour, then put the soap molds in the freezer for 30 minutes.

    Remove from the freezer and allow the molds to sit for 10 minutes. The soap should pop right out.

    • Make a soap-on-a-rope by inserting an 8-inch loop of braided wicking while the soap is still hot.
    • Keep track of exact measurements if you plan to reproduce your soap.
    • Add herbs such as chamomile or apricot to make a different kind of soap.
    • Some fragrances may naturally color the soap base.
    • Some glycerin soap base can be melted in the microwave. Read package labels carefully.