How to Make Glass Tile Pendants

    by Lexie Zirkle

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    Jewelry makers can make their own glass tile pendants instead of buying them. They are easy to make, and allow you to customize and personalize your own jewelry. If you have any extra fabric or decorative paper laying around, this is a good chance to use it. Other materials can be found at any crafts or hobby store. You can also use small colored glass tiles intended for mosaics for a different effect.

    Things You'll Need

    • Jewelry glaze
    • Glass tiles
    • Fabric or paper scraps
    • Fine scissors
    • Pendant bail
    • Rubber-based permanent adhesive

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    Put a small dab of diamond glaze on the rough side of your glass tile.

    Press the glazed tile on to the paper or fabric you're using, ensuring it's centered on the part of your material you want as your pendant. Press on all corners.

    Let the pendant dry for at least two hours.

    Cut away excess material from the tile using fine scissors or a craft knife. Be careful not to scratch the glass.

    Glue around the edges and back of the paper or fabric with jewelry glaze, spreading it evenly on the back of the material. Use a small craft or watercolor paintbrush or wear thin gloves and use your finger.

    Wait for the pendant to dry overnight.

    Glue the bail on the back of the pendant by placing a tiny dab of rubber-based permanent adhesive on the bottom front of the bail. Push the glued side of the bail firmly on to the back center of the top of the pendant. Remove any excess glue with the tip of a toothpick.

    Wait for the glue to cure at least 24 hours before wearing the pendant.

    • Coat paper with decoupage to prevent the ink from running or smearing when it comes in contact with the jeweler's glaze.
    • Don't touch the edges of the pendant while it is drying or you could transfer glaze to the edges of the glass or move the fabric or paper out of position.