How to Make a Giant Bubble Wand

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    A giant bubble wand is a big hit with kids and works on the same principle as the smaller, store-bought versions. This wand is simple and quick to make. Start with a large circle and move on to making wands with hearts, stars and other fun novelty shapes. Make multiple sizes of bubble wands to see which one works the best.

    Things You'll Need

    • Floral wire
    • Electrical tape
    • Cotton twine

    Bend a wire into a circle. For large bubbles, the more perfect the circle, the better it works.

    Twist the hook opposite the circle to form a handle.

    Wrap the handle with electrical tape, taking special care to cover the wire's two sharp ends with tape.

    Wrap the circle with cotton twine to absorb more soap mixture so you can make bigger bubbles.

    • String beads on the handle of the bubble wand for a decorative touch.
    • Remember that you're going to need a larger tub of bubble mix to accommodate the larger wand. A jelly roll pan works well for this.