How to Make German Folded Paper Stars

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    German paper stars, also called Moravian stars, are small delicate star shapes created by folding four strips of paper together in a basket weave pattern. Though these paper stars may take some practice to master, the results are a very beautiful paper craft. Try not to get discouraged if your first star looks a little crumpled. It often takes more than one try to get the perfect German paper star.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper
    • Ruler
    • Scissors
    • Tape

    Cut four strips of paper to a length of 10 inches and a width of 1/2 inch. Cut four more strips of paper to a length of 7 1/2 inches and a width of 1/2 inch. Tape one longer strip to a shorter strip with 1/2 inch overlapping so that you have a 17-inch strip of paper. Repeat three more times.

    Cut the last inch of each end of the strips to a taper toward the point. Leave the very tip flat with a width of about 1/4 to 1/8 inch.

    Fold all four strips in half. Create a basket weave with the four strips. Begin by placing one strip horizontally with the fold on the right. Place a second strip vertically with the fold on the bottom. Wrap the vertical strip around the ends of the horizontal strip. Add the third strip, laying it down horizontally with the fold to the left. Wrap the ends around the vertical strip. Add the last strip, laying it vertically to the right of the other vertical strip. Wrap the ends around the top horizontal strip and feed them through the bottom horizontal strip.

    Tighten all four strips until they meet at the center and make a close basket weave.

    Create a second basket weave with only the top strips of each piece of paper. Fold down the top strip pointing upwards. Continue around--fold the strip pointing left across to the right; fold the strip point down upwards; fold the strip pointing to the right across to the left. As you fold this final strip across, feed it through the loop created by the first strip that was folded down.

    Working with the top strip on the right, fold the strip backwards underneath itself and to the right at a 45 degree angle. Flatten the strip to create a triangle shape with the strip pointing to the right.

    Fold the strip again, 45 degrees and forward so that the strip is now pointing downwards and a triangle is created pointing upwards.

    Fold the strip over to the left so that the triangle is folded in half and the strip still extends downward, but is now laying over the basket weave. Feed the tail end of the strip underneath the loop directly below the triangle.

    Rotate the star 90 degrees to the right and repeat the process, rotating and folding the top right strip three more times until you have four triangles. On the last strip you will need to lift the loose flap created by the first triangle to feed it through the loop beneath.

    Turn the entire project over and repeat steps six through nine on the back, creating four more triangles.

    Beginning with the downward facing strip, turn the strip 90 degrees, wrapping it loosely beneath itself and continuing around to pass through the top left loop of the basket weave. The strip should emerge from the basket weave through the tip of the top left-facing triangle.

    Repeat step 11 on all four strips on this side of the star. Then, turn the star over and repeat four more times on the bottom.

    Trim the remaining paper strips flush with the triangles from which they are protruding. Enjoy the finished German paper star!

    • Using different colors of paper for each strip may make it easier to follow the paper star pattern for your first project.

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