How to Make a Fun House Mirror

    by Isaiah David

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    Fun house mirrors are a great tradition for Halloween because they are so flexible. You can use them in a genuinely scary haunted house to add a feeling of disorientation. Or, you can use them in a lighter, kid-friendly Halloween party to confuse and baffle the little ones. The easiest way to make one of your own is to simply bend a sheet of reflective polyester film. It is good enough for a Halloween party, and inexpensive enough for the lowest budget haunted houses.

    Things You'll Need

    • Mirror frame
    • Mirrored polyester film
    • Scissors
    • Double-sided tape

    Find an old, full-body mirror frame. Try to find a really big one, if possible. The taller it is, the more imposing of an impression it will make.

    Remove the mirror or artwork in the frame by releasing the tabs, lifting the nails or unscrewing the back panel and sliding it out.

    Replace the back panel.

    Cut a sheet of mirrored polyester film to a length just an inch or two longer than and about one-half inch narrower than the mirror frame. The extra length will make the mirror curve when you attach it, giving a fun house effect.

    Tape the mirrored film to the frame using double-sided tape. Attach it to the top and bottom of the frame, leaving the middle free. Your mirror should bulge either forward or backwards in the middle.

    Decide whether you want to make a concave or a convex mirror. A concave mirror curves inward, while a convex mirror curves outward. Concave mirrors will make you look short, whereas convex ones make you look tall.

    Push the middle part of the mirrored polyester film back slightly to give the whole mirror the proper bend. If you want a convex mirror, push the middle forward. It will stay in the position you leave it in until somebody touches it.

    • Mirrored polyester film is commonly known by its trade name Mylar, and can be found at home improvement, art supply or hydroponic stores.
    • There are many different illusions you can get by bending your mirror in different ways. Experiment and see what effects you can get.
    • You can sometimes find partial rolls of mirrored polyester film in artist recycling stores for very cheap.
    • Be careful when you mount the fun house mirror. If it is a concave mirror, the wall can push against it and flatten it, ruining the illusion.

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