How to Make a Fringe with Denim Fabric

    by Marisa Swanson

    About the Author

    Marisa Swanson began writing and editing professionally in 2007.


    Dress up an ordinary blanket with a trendy denim trim or give your kitchen linens a makeover with a fringe for one-of-a-kind accessories. Denim fringe on fabric lends a casual, rustic air to whatever it adorns. Any denim fabric, whether it is on an article of clothing, a rug or even a wall hanging can have its hem fringed -- and you can also add a denim trim to just about any clothing or home decor project you like.

    Things You'll Need

    • Scissors
    • Sewing machine

    Cut a strip of denim that you'd like to transform into a fringe. Leave the edge to be fringed "raw." Fold over the other edge 1/2-inch and sew a straight stitch to create a smooth edge.

    Launder the denim in the washing machine on a standard cycle, using warm water and detergent.

    Remove the denim and place it in the dryer or allow the fabric to air dry. Your first wash will produce the beginning of fringe. Repeated washings increase the fraying each time. The white threads that appear after washing can be kept in their natural, irregular lengths or trimmed to an even length.

    Control the fringe. Sew a line of simple stitches along the edge of the denim. Leave a margin as wide as you would like the fringe.

    Cut very close, small vertical slits in the denim with your scissors. Don't cut your sewed line. Then, launder the denim again.


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