How to Make a Four Strand Round Braid

    by Jessica Westover

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    Braiding is the art of weaving three or more strands of material together to create a thicker, stronger and more decorative strand. Some examples of materials suitable for braiding include hair, ribbon, leather, nylon cord, craft lace, fabric strips and string. You can use four strands of any of these materials to create a round braid. Round braids can be used as ropes, animal leashes, horse tack, clothing embellishments, hat bands, whips, lanyards and key chains.

    Things You'll Need

    • Cord, string or braiding material
    • Scissors
    • Clamp

    Cut four cords to the same length using a pair of scissors. Lay the cords side by side on a flat surface. Adjust the cords so their ends are even. Tie the top ends of all four cords together in an overhand knot.

    Secure the knotted end to a table using a clamp.

    Spread the four loose cords out so that they are laying side by side in your hands. Cross the rightmost strand behind the two strands to its left. Bring it up and around the first strand to its right. The rightmost strand has now become the right-center strand.

    Grasp the leftmost strand and cross it behind the two strands to its right. Bring it up and around the first strand to its left. The leftmost strand has now become the left-center strand.

    Continue to braid in this manner, alternating between the rightmost strip and leftmost strip. Stop braiding once there is only 2 inches remaining of the loose cords.

    Tie the ends of the cords together in an overhand knot to finish the braid.

    • Use different color strands to create a colorful braid.
    • Tape the end to the table if you don't have a clamp available.
    • Don't let the tension vary while you are braiding or the weave will be uneven in the finished piece.

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