How to Make Fluffy Tulle Skirts

    by Ronnie Dauber

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    Make a fluffy tulle skirt for your own little dancer, or make the skirt for yourself to show off your youthful personality. The skirt is made from an elastic waistband that is covered in layers of tulle ribbon. Make a single-color skirt, or create a rainbow tulle skirt from five different colors of tulle. Complete the skirt by embellishing it with a decorative row of silk flowers or satin ribbon bows around the waistband.

    Things You'll Need

    • Sewing tape measure
    • 1/2-inch-wide elastic
    • Sewing needle
    • Thread
    • 6-inch-wide tulle ribbon
    • Miniature silk roses
    • Straight pins

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    Measure the circumference of your waist, right around your belly button. Subtract 1 inch from the measurement.

    Cut the 1/2-inch-wide elastic to the length obtained in Step 1. Sew the elastic ends together. You now have an elastic circle.

    Cut five pieces of the tulle ribbon for every inch of your waist circumference. Make each piece 20 inches long for a child's fluffy tulle skirt or 30 inches long for an adult's skirt. Use five different colors of tulle, or use the same color tulle for all of the strips.

    Pile five strips of tulle on top of each other, fold the pile in half and knot the folded pile onto the elastic. Repeat with every five strips of tulle.

    Pin miniature silk roses around the waist of the skirt for a decorative embellishment. Sew each miniature rose in place.


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