How to Make a Flour Bomb With Household Materials

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    The next time you get into a play battle with your friends, you can trump all of their weapons by whipping out this harmless flour bomb. This is the ultimate in "Flour Power" ordinance and you can make it with items that you can find in almost any household.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper napkin
    • Spray bottle of water
    • Flour
    • Rubber band
    • Egg (optional)

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    Unfold a small paper napkin. Remove a layer if it happens to be a two-ply napkin so that the paper is thin and weak.

    Lightly spray the napkin with water. Only use a very light mist of water, ideally from a spray bottle, or the napkin will break before you have a chance to launch your flour bomb.

    Heap a hefty pile of flour onto the center of the napkin and then gather the edges and secure with a rubber band. To get extra launching power and make a super sticky mess, consider adding an egg to the center of your flour bomb.

    • Flour is messy so launch your bombs outside.
    • Flour can be flammable, so don't prepare your bomb or throw it near open flame.
    • While it is not likely that a flour bomb could seriously damage property or harm anyone, use common sense when you launch your bomb. Don't try to hit anyone with it or throw it at breakable property.